Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ingredients of Successful Relationship

If you are going to ask me right now about my points of view in building a relationship, this is how I view it:

Relationship is like a plant that wither if the owner forget to take care of it but it blooms into a big tree and bear fruits if the owner give full attention of doing so.  We build relationship not because it is our social obligation but it is how we should live.  Each one of us are connected with one another.

Success of the relationship though is depends on both of you.  There are many kinds of relationship but today allow me to talk about a man and woman relationship or what we can couple's relationship.  In this kind of relationship it started with attraction and follows with emotion but the real challenge is how to keep strong through the years.

First ingredient should be Love because it is when you love someone that you see the real person in him/her.

Second ingredient is the trust to one another.  You have to trust your partner and allow him/her to grow as a person.  It is when you trust that you develop the deep love for that person.

Third ingredient is the respect.  You have to respect your partner because they too are human being like you that deserve your respect and return your partner will respect you.

Loyalty is the fourth ingredient.  Loyalty is one of the greatest sign of respect to your partner because it is when you manifest the true value of your relationship with him/her.

Fifth ingredient is the understanding.  There is no such thing as perfect, likewise a perfect relationship.  Both of you are unique and most of the time it is because of your uniqueness that is why you fight.  In times like this, understanding is the key to make a bad day turn into a beautiful one.  Always put yourself in the shoes of your partner and see how your partner feel if you do this or that. 

The last but not the least is the communication.  Successful relationship needs to have an open communication because it is when you communicate that you can easily resolve small problems to prevent it from ruining a beautiful relationship. 

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