Monday, July 25, 2011

Love Conquers All

I am so thankful that things are getting better now.  I am so stupid to believe that I have been forgotten because I am totally wrong.  One misunderstanding can be fix with one heart to heart talk and that is what we did.  And yes, another problem has been solve.  I love hon-hon so much and I know that he loves me more than I ever know but there are times that we need space for us to grow as an individual and I think that what I missed in the last few weeks.  I am just so glad that hon-hon made me realize a lot of things.  His wisdom is so wide that if I only listen to him I will always get the answer to my questions.

Love conquers all and because we both love each other we were able to surpass all of the trials that comes to our relationship and in every trials that we been through it makes our relationship stronger than before.  Now, we understand each other like best of friends and we care for each other like any lovers do.  It is great feelings knowing that there is one person who makes me feel alright even in my worse day.  Hon-hon is a great guy and I am thankful because he loves me more each day....

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Marvz Anime Blog said...

Yes i do believe in that... in every relationship there is always trial and that will make us stronger and better man/woman for our love ones... :D

hi nice post... nice blog... care to exlinks? Let me know so I can add you on mine... tnx...

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