Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Successful Fun Run

My weekend still ended well despite of all the rain and storms.  I am glad that the sun shines today because we were able to finished the fun run without hassles.  I have been thinking a lot of things lately but I said cease fire to thinking today.  I can't breathe anymore because I worries too much about hon-hon's situation but what can I do when I am too far from him to comfort him.  I also have to think something beautiful to make me feel alright and I am just glad that we had activities at the Sister's of Mary School this day.

I participated in the fun run and I was able to finish the 3 kilometers run although I admit that half of it was purely walking.  But you know what?  It helps me to think things over and freshen up my emotions and spirit.  I think I deserve that.  After that, we were able to support the parlor games for the kids and as usual it was really fun.  I was able to mingle with my batch mates as well and catch things about each others life.

I was also glad that Karen, one of my friends at work was able to joined as together with her husband and cousin.  These folks are really cool and I enjoyed running with them.  This is the first time they entered the vicinity of the Sisters of Mary and they really admired the facilities and the children inside the campus.  I am so proud to finally show them where I spent my high school days.  I am proud to say that I was one of those children way back 1990 to 1994.  It was indeed a good feelings.

Now, I am ready to face new challenges in my life may it be at work or with regards to my love life.  I always believe that as long as you are doing the good things the reward will also be good.  I am trying to be good here and praying so hard that I finally get my price.....

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