Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Back on Track!

I am so happy that things are finally getting better for me and hon-hon and I am just hoping that everything will be put into places soon.  I am still looking forward for hon-hon's promise visit here in the Philippines once again and as a matter of fact I never stop my diet and work outs.  Of course I also tried natural diet pills that work and I am happy with the results.  However, I still have to increase my physical activities not only because I want to become lean and fab but also I want to take care of my health.  I have to be healthy because I know that there is a lot more to look forward. 

It is such an awesome life to miss simple yet beautiful things and people around.  I have to live life to the fullest and be strong for the people that I love.  There it is I am back on track!  I am thankful for having a wonderful life, a wonderful family and a loving boyfriend who makes my life even beautiful.

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