Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pressures at Work!

I do understand that all of us need to work for a living and almost all kind of works has an equivalent pressures and stress that you need to undergo.  But right now, pressure at work seems endless which makes my work to file up that even if I render overtime everyday it is still filing up.  I know what's wrong and we been telling to the upper management to give us more support or increase the number of engineers but then until now it is just the same.

I'm glad that the number of new products keep on improving every single day which means more business for us.  But what worries me is the fact that workload is getting bigger each day that the current man power is not enough to accommodate it.  Our performance is being track every single day and since I am at the quality department it is becoming hard for me to attend to every issues that arise every single day.  Because of this, I am afraid that I might give a wrong decision along the way. 

I really hope that the management will also hear us soon.  It is not getting any better especially for the support groups.  Oh well, I think more overtime for me until such time that I am able to coupe up with my work.

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