Saturday, October 15, 2011

Surprise Phone Calls

I was still sleeping when my phone rang this morning and to my surprise it was hon-hon who is the other line.  What a way to wake me up and start my day.  I know that it was not the first time he did that but then every time I saw his name flashing in the screen of my phone makes me really excited.  We had a long talk which I really like and to my surprise he remembered everything we shared during his visit and that includes the table and the table lamp.  I already have a table with the Table top displays but don't have table lamp yet.  I guess that is something I need to work out before his visit. LOL!

We been through a lot of things lately but I am happy that things are now back to normal.  I know we still have a long way to go but then I believe that our relationship matures as it gets age.  I believe that we are both trying our best to be together and I believe that it will happen soon.  Surprise phone calls and emails makes me really excited but the same time makes me missed him more.

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