Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Best Friend will be in Town!

I can't help myself but to count for the days when my best friend Wella together with her family will be in town.  Wow!  After almost five years I will be able to talk with her face to face in which I am looking forward.  I miss the days when we just sit in Mccafe and just talk from serious to nonsense.  Many things had changed but the the bond we created way back in our high school life never fade off instead it continuously grow through the years.  We live miles and miles apart but no matter how far we are from each other I know that I can always count of her just like she can always count on me.

I hope next time it will be hon-hon's home coming that I will be waiting.  I really hope it will happen soon.

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Me and My Best Friend said...

I hope too…. Don't worry, it will happen soon… it’s true that, time doesn't wait for anyone, we grow up with times… only memories are live with us forever. So, we should keep safe these memories in our heart.