Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Preparing for the Christmas Holiday

All Souls Day is almost over and so it is now time to prepare for Christmas!  I am excited this year because there are so many things to thank for.  I am also excited to go home and spend my New Year with my family in Bicol and as a matter of fact my north face backpacks are ready anytime.  I am already started buying things for the Christmas as well as for New Year.  I feel that everything will be perfect except for one thing and that is spending another Christmas away from the man I love.  I am not sure how many Christmases or how many important events that we will be celebrating separately and thinking about that really saddened me.  I even wonder if there will come a time that we will be celebrating holidays like Christmas and New Year together just like any other couple.  I am not really sure but I have a high hope that one day it will happen.

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