Saturday, January 21, 2012

Healthy Living

I made a promised to myself to have a healthy living and although I am not into macanudo cigar or any other kind of cigarette I still made sure that I submit myself for a yearly physical check up including my lungs.  Healthy living is sometimes hard to maintain especially if it means doing the things you know is tiring to do or eating the food you don't use to but you need to.  It takes a lot of discipline to do it but once you make it a habit there's no one else to benefit but yourself.

I am guilty of not doing any physical activities early this year because the weather is really making me to extend my time in bed.  But since I promised myself to have a healthy living I am trying to put some time for jogging or walking at least once a day.  It feels good every time I do that and the challenge I have now is just to maintain what I started.

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