Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meet Up, Network and Have Fun!

I thought I'll be late in our get together because of the heavy traffic I encountered on my way to the venue.  I am just so glad that they allow us to use emergency road service which in a way helped me arrive on time.  Our gathering was initiated by one of our dear friends who was also one of our colleagues' way back at Intel.  She is already based in US because she migrated together with her husband.  And now that she is on vacation here in our country together with her family she immediately informed us and gathered us for a dinner.

It was really a happy reunion for all of us and at last we got a chance again to meet, network and of course have fun.  We talked a lot of things and of course we never forget to remember our memories while working at Intel.  We are all working already but this time we are working in different companies and just like me they also wish that Intel Philippines is still around.  It is really like a second home for all of us.

We talked a lot of things but we never forget to really network and have fun.  We promised to still get in touch and help one another by being a liaise to the company that we are working right now.  I am so happy to see them again and although the get together only last for four hours we all know in our heart that it will not be the end.  We are looking forward for another get together like this. 

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