Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yay! Long Weekend!

I am always one of the happiest persons every time there's a bank holiday.  Oh yes!  I don't have work this coming Monday because it was declared as special non-working holiday.  And since it is a long weekend for me I decided to have a general cleaning of my doll house and take unnecessary things out of my storage cabinet to free up some space.  I just realized that there are many things in my cabinet that are not for a long time and since it is still usable so I decided to put it in a box and will just give it away.

The long weekend really gives me a lot of time to complete my long awaiting household chores.  I am glad that majority of the cleaning is done.  Last stop will be the floors and make it shine before the long weekend is over.  Whew!  So tiring but it's alright because aside from I am able to cleaning my house I am also give some exercises to my sleeping bones.  LOL!

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