Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pre-Valentines Dates

I was out to meet two of my batch mates, Kathy and Sylvia yesterday and we really had a blast.  I had a good laugh, good food and good friends around and was able to tour around in one of the finest home development area near my place.  While waiting with them at the mall, I was able to tour around and went to my usual destination, Home appliances and hardware!  I also checked out their basement floor tile which I think is very affordable and economical.

When they arrived, we went to a Japanese Restaurant to enjoy the food and more bonding time.  I couldn't imagine that at our age we are all single!  Oh no!  hahaha.  Oh well, not that we are complaining because I think we know the reason why.  Then after we ate, we proceed to the mall to buy some items that Sylvia will be bringing back to Canada.  She actually based their and come to visit Philippines once in a while.  While they were enjoying picking up the items, I am enjoying picture taking with faceless man. LOL!  It's the mannequin that I am referring.

Our bonding did not last there because part of it was visiting one of the housing project near my place.  Oh, I love the place and the houses.  If I am going to buy another house that is where I want to buy.  It is strategically positioned and they really have awesome facilities.  I think I have to push myself more to get one of those beautiful houses. 

In any case, this pre-valentines celebration is really fun!  Love it!

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