Friday, March 16, 2012

Dealing with Disappointments...

As much as I wanted to always have a positive attitude there are times that I couldn't help myself but feel the negative feelings such as disappointments, frustrations, anger and worse the feelings of hatred.  Oh well, I am a human being too and those negative feelings are just a manifestation that there are still things that make me feel bad.

Every single day I always pray for a happy day and good health for me and for the people that are close to my heart.  I think it's not too much to ask for that because for me there's no amount of money that can replace a good health and a happy day.  But no matter how much I tried I sometimes feel frustrated and disappointed or probably it is because I expect too much and that where the problem occur. 

In situation like this I always try to think rationally and try to put myself on the shoes of the person who frustrate or disappoint me or think of some other rational reasons why a meeting has been postponed without prior notice or why a person did not show up when in fact he/she was the one who set it.  I always tell myself that the only person that I can control is myself and so I make sure that after feeling bad I have to think or do things that makes me feel better.  I think this is the best way to divert your negative emotions rather than dealing and keeping it for the long time.

Dealing with disappoints is a very tricky one but once you know how to deal with negative feelings it become easier for you to pacify and convince yourself that there are reasons why things happen.  Mastering yourself helps a lot to have a real happy day.  I maybe disappointed yesterday but not today...  and with that, I am excited for what tomorrow will bring me.

Be happy!

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