Saturday, April 21, 2012

Travel Adventure in Kuala Lumpur

My summer vacation did not end without checking out how Kuala Lumpur looks like.  I thought I was not able to go there because my friend and her family opted not to go to Kuala Lumpur anymore but then my happy feet did not agree to it and so she find her way to go to Malaysia and begun her adventure.

I feel like Dora the Explorer that time wherein I searched the web and find ways how to get there and where to stay in the heart of Malaysia.  I was so lucky to get an affordable transportation going there as well as hotel accommodation.  All was set and so I decided to leave Yishun early since I don't know where the bus station was.  All I have that time was the address of the bus liner, the address of the hotel and of course the map on where to find that address.  I just carry few things inside my bag including my passport and of course my money and my laptop.

As I searched for the bus terminal I almost gave up because I couldn't find it and since I was not familiar with the place I tried to asked a lady but she didn't really helped me.  I told myself that if ever I did not find the terminal I will not pursue of going to Kuala Lumpur and since it was already dark I decided to give it one more time and alas!  I found what I was looking for.  The bus liner station was there and I almost missed it.  I immediately approached the front desk and asked how to redeem my ticket since I booked online.  I was glad that the man in the information was really helpful and just get the reservation no. and printed the ticket.  Wow!  That was pretty easy and all I need was just to wait for the departure.

The journey going to Kuala Lumpur took about almost 5 hours.  We departed Singapore by 12 midnight and we arrived Kuala Lumpur at around 5 am.  Now, the challenge is getting to my hotel since the driver just dropped us in front of Berjaya Times Square which I really don't have idea that time.  It was still dark and I was in the foreign land and so I was a little bit nervous that I have to compose myself.  I took the taxi and I gave the address of the hotel to the driver.  I was glad that the hotel has spare room that time so I was still able to catch few hours of sleep before I finally decide that I want to go to a city tour.

I called the number that the travel agency gave me and asked if there were still available seat for 1 person.  I think I was really lucky that time because they did not asked additional payment for late booking for the tour.  They picked me up at the hotel together with other tourist and I was just so glad that I found a traveling buddy that time and her name is Tonnette.  She is traveling with her son and so I group with them.  During the tour they found out that the left their camera in their hotel and so I offered mine since I have enough capacity in my camera to accommodate their pictures.  In return they took pictures of me. 

It was indeed a fun travel and I really had fun.  Part of the tour was the famous landmark of Kuala Lumpur which is the twin tower of Petronas.  We also went to King's Palace, Beryls Chocolate Factory, Batik factory, Museum of Malaysia, Mosque and many other places.  We will not able to enter the Mosque though because when we arrived the place all non-muslim were not permitted to enter.

After the tour they brought as back to our hotel and by that time I just took a shower and explore the place where I stayed.  The hotel that I stayed was located at Bukit Bintang which is one of the best places to explore if you wanted to taste different varieties of Malaysian food.  I did not tried though as I am not experimental in food and I am not really into spicy food.  After that I went to nearby malls and they really got big malls there which is pretty cool.  It was tiring to roam around but my little feet is always excited to discover new places and so she never stop until the sun went down.  I don't know the place that much and so I decided to just locked myself in my hotel room as soon as the dark engulf the city.

My visit to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was short but a memorable one.  I now know how adventurous I am and how brave I am to go to a foreign place alone.  I am actually thinking of doing again. LOL!

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