Saturday, May 19, 2012

Finding the Lost Son...

I was watching our local soap opera that is being aired from Monday to Friday.  The story was all about the two person that was madly in love with each other but because of the circumstances and people around them they were separated and became an enemy.  But even before that happened they had a love child and right now they found out that the child is alive and the search for the child begun.  They already had undergone DNA testing for the guy they thing their child however the result was negative not because that guy is not their child but because someone alter the result. I guess they have to try another DAN test and perhaps this time they can refer to for paternity test to make sure that result will not be alter.

Moving forward with the story, they are again back to square one.  I am not sure when will it be over but I will surely watch this soap opera until the end and find out how they will be able to know that the child they are looking for is actually just within their reach.

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