Thursday, July 12, 2012


IELTS exam is finally over and now all I need is to just wait for the results which will be given to us after 15 days.  The exam is comprises of four modules which are the speaking, listening, reading and writing.  The speaking exam was taken ahead from the rest of the modules and it only took about 15 mins.  And today, exam for the other three modules was taken place at Makati Shangila Hotel Rizal Ballroom.  There were about 400 candidates took the exam which includes me. 

Tension were all over the place because everyone is aiming to pass it.  The listening exam was the tricky one because you have to make sure that you understand the conversation before you can finally get the answer.  The challenge in the listening exam was the accent used in the conversation.  There are part of the exam were it is pretty easy but there were also difficult one. 

The reading exam is quite easy but since it was time pressured you really have to be fast in reading or else you will never finish the exam.  Passages were quite easy to understand but you have to understand the question and match it with passage to get the right answer.

Then the writing exam took place right after the reading exam.  Again it was time pressured and since there were two questions that you need answer you also need to be quick in arranging your thoughts. At first, I find it difficult to start my passage but I am glad that I was able to come up with ideas that supports my opinion.  The topic that was given was about money and happiness and the other topic was writing a letter of complaint.  I was able to finish both but then I was not able to have ample time to review it.

If I am going to summarized it all, I think I did well and I am just hoping that I will be able to get the bond score that I need.  So help me God!

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