Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ilagan Family

I saw this picture in my sister's facebook account and I can't help but smile.  If I remember it right this picture was taken when my first ever vacation since I studied in Sister's of Mary School.  Way back then, we are only 9 in the family including mom and dad but now our number gets bigger and bigger every single year.

We were so young then in this picture.  Chin was still a baby as well as Denden.  Totoy is still a kiddo in this picture and I couldn't believe that he is taller than anyone of us in the family.  Ening was still so young here as well Ate Lara and Ate Bing.  Mom and Dad looks young here too and how I wish they look the same all throughout their life.  Oh well, they are still the same person that I used to know.

Wow!  Time flies so fast.  All of us are grown up now and some of my siblings even have their own family.  But whatever and wherever we are right now the bond between our family will remains strong.  Yes, our family is bigger now including my nephews and nieces but the love, trust and respect among us will remain the same...

In the Picture - starting from the back, left to right -> Ate Lara, yours truly, Ate Bing, Denden, Dad, Mom, Chin, Ening and Totoy

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