Sunday, July 8, 2012

Item Collectors

I was checking my wallet when I saw the coins from Singapore and Malaysia and since I can't use it here I decided to just give to my friend who has been collecting different kinds of coins since college.  I don't have any idea why she been doing it but I think she has been doing it as a hobby.  I am not sure if she already has the presidential dollar coins because she been telling me that she wanted to have one as well.

Being a collector is I think one of the expensive hobbies because most of the time you need to buy or pay more just to have the things you think will have a significant value to your collections.  I am not against it because I know that it gives some inner satisfaction to an individual.  I once have a collection of teddy bears and it almost filled my house but then I stop doing it because aside from lack of space I realized that I was spending too much on it.  I still have the collection of teddy bears but I already entrusted it with my mom's care.

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