Monday, August 20, 2012

Cleaning Up my Closet

I thought that I am already done with my household chores but then when I opened my closet I realized that I am not done yet.  There is one more area in my house that need to be clean up and that is my closet.  My clothes are overcrowded already which means I need to take away old clothes already.  I think I need bigger box right now as I am planning to give away those clothes that I don't use anymore including uniforms that I used when I was still doing my massage therapists class.  I want to keep though my scrub skirts because I find it cute however I will not give justice to its use if it will remain my closet forever so I think it is alright to give it away too.

Alright, I think everything is settled and box is also ready.  I just need to do the clean up as fast as I can.  I just hope that they will still like it even if some of the clothes are old.

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