Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Win!

I think today is my lucky day!  I went to the mall today to buy some groceries and to look for exceptional music software that I can use for my laptop.  After paying for the groceries the cashier told me that I am entitled for a price.  I usually don't do any of their promotions because for me it is a just a waste of time but not today.  I just asked the cashier where I can get the price not knowing that I still need to throw the dice for them to know what I will get in return.

I just followed their instruction and thrown the dice but to my surprise I won the first price.  I was really happy because it seldom happens to me.  I got a set of a tic tac toe toy set.  It's not an extraordinary toy but because I got it as a price it becomes something special for me.

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