Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Dress - lovin it!

After I bought the newest addition to my collection of custom made t-shirts I also made sure that I bought new dress.  It's funny though because I feel like teenage girl upon wearing that summer dress and I just love it. 

It's the end of my rest day and I know that will have a roller coaster week ahead however I care less about it because I know that I enjoyed my Sunday.  It is not only because of that fancy dress but it is of course because I had a great time talking with honhon.

I am looking forward for a great week even if I know that it is impossible given the situation at work.  I know that a happy day is always there for me...

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I hope you are having a great time spending your rest day. I should say, the dress looks great and wonderful. Have a great work week and never let anything get you down. Happiness and a good day depends on how positive you cope with the situations.