Sunday, October 14, 2012

Visa Processing

I am trying to get visa going to China for business travel and I thought it will be easy to get one but just the same I still have to wait since my other requirements will only be release on the 17th of October.  I am just so glad that I can also adjust my travel date without any hassle.  I already had an early communication with the people waiting for my visit in our China based company.

Visa processing for China takes at least 15 days to process and that is if your papers are complete and error free.  I have no idea how much it cost but just like any other country you need to have a show money if you will get a visitor's visa.  In my case, it is our company that will take care of other requirements.

If my travel to China will happen, it will be the 3rd country that I will be able to visit this year.  I hope next year I will soon get to the country that I dream to be...

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