Monday, November 19, 2012

China Visit

I am finally back home and I can say that there is no better place than home although of course my travel in China add up to my experience.  This travel is purely work related but I was thankful that my friend way back in high school was living there and went to the hotel to meet me.  If not because of her I will not be able to see some of the beautiful places in Zhongshan China.  I was able to ride Zhongshan's version of tricycle which is also using motorcycle tires which make our ride more comfortable.  My friend also made sure that I am able to  eat in her all time favorite restaurant which I really appreciate. 

I was really happy to meet her again after so long but of course we have to cut our meeting so short as I have a lot of things to do at work.  I was just so glad that all things went the way I expect it.  I was able to get the approval for the new procedure that I am trying to implement.

This experience thought me to be tough and I have to congratulate myself because I am able to do this on my own.

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