Monday, December 10, 2012

Challenges Do Come...

I am so glad that I finally able to complete the requirements for my application even if I know what will be the things that I need to sacrifice this Holiday season.  But I think this is life, you cannot really get all the things you wanted in your life.  This will probably the most challenging month for me not only because I will have a very dry Christmas but because I know that I need to live very low to survive until the next pay day. 

I think it is better this way rather than thinking where to get the money to complete the required amount that I need to have my application to be process.  I am just glad that I am able to get a loan at a lower interest compared to the bank but of course the cliche is that I need to pay the interest in advance which affect my budget.  Challenges do come and I know that I will be able to surpass it all.  I just need to focus on the things that is important to me and let the holiday pass without really thinking about it.

I still have a coffee, milk, sugar, oatmeal and biscuits in my table so I think I will be able to make it.  In fact I am still lucky compared to the people that was hit by typhoon so I there is nothing to worry about.  Right now, I am glad that I finally able to complete the required amount that I need in my application and I am thankful for what I have in my table.  I still feel bless despite of the situation...

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