Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dust Allergy Strike Again!

It was a long night for me as I cannot sleep because of asthma caused by the dust I inhaled during my floor renovation.  I never expect it will happen because I was totally fine even right after I clean the house.  No sneezing encountered that I used to have when I'm wiping the dust.  My breath was totally fine even after I took a bath although I feel so tired after cleaning that was why I decided to go to bed early.

I know that I sleep soundly in the last couple of hours until I woke because I find it hard to breath.  It was in the middle of the night which irritate me more because I was thinking of work the following day.  However I cannot continue my sleep because I have to catch my breath every now and then making me awake from 12 midnight till the time I need to wake up.

I am still not feeling well because of the luck of sleep but I have to go to work because of the things need to be done today.  If ever that my condition worsen, I will just go to the clinic then. 

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