Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lovers in Paris

I was once hooked in one of the TV dramas that was shown way back 2011 in which until now I can't still get over with it.  The location of the movie was in Paris in which one of my dream destinations for my vacation one day.  In the TV drama which entitled "Lovers in Paris", the leading man is rich business tycoon from Korea who lived in one of the luxury paris apartments while the leading lady was hired to clean his apartment every now and then.

At first, they feel different with each other until one day the leading man asked for her help to act as his girlfriend because of one business deals that he needs to close.  It so happened that the wife of the business man that he was trying to convince is a Korean nationals and making the leading lady to be his girlfriend who is a Korean national will be an advantage to him.  That was when their love story begin and eventually the guy realized that he already love his leading lady.

Aside from the romantic story of that TV drama, I was also waiting to different places of Paris that was show case in that story.  Paris is known to be the place of love because of the fact that many lovers in different places of the world go there just to feel the different romance that Paris is giving.  I just hope that when I go there I will also be with the man I love...

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