Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year Celebration

No amount of material things can ever replace a holiday celebration surrounded by the people close to you in which you called family.  And just like any another year, I welcomed 2013 together with my family in Bicol.  The celebration may not be as extravagant as yours but still it had been meaningful and a joyful one.

I went back to my hometown on the 29th of December and since it was a holiday commuting from Cavite to our place is not easy but then I was still glad that I was able to be home before dinner.  I traveled alone carrying a huge Christmas present for my mom but because I really want to give it I endured the long journey carrying that huge gift box.  Oh well, I was glad I brought it because no amount of joy I ever felt when I saw my mom's reaction when we opened the gift for her.

After several hours, my youngest sister together with her husband and her son also arrived that night making the night complete for mom and dad.  On the 30th, we went to Naga for late shopping of the things we need in celebration of New Year's eve.  I also did not forget to go shopping for mom an dad.  We had our lunch in one of the busiest fast food inside the mall and we all enjoyed the food. It was already dark when we finally leaved the mall and headed back home. 

On the 31st, everyone becomes busy preparing for New Year's eve and while they were busy preparing food I was also busy taking care of Sachin, my youngest sister's son.  He is one adorable baby that everyone fall inlove with including me.  My job was to make sure Sachin will not cry while their parents was preparing their specialties.  In that area, I think I did a great job because Sachin was just playing the entire day and take a long nap in the afternoon.  I even managed to make him laughed and I was really happy about it. 

After the whole day preparation 2013 finally came and we all welcome the new year with a happy heart knowing by simply knowing that we are intact as a family.  We are all looking forward for what is in store for us this year and we are hoping that it will be great year not only for our family but to other family as well.

I have  to admit that our New Year's celebration became extra special because of honhon.  He made sure that I will not celebrate the holiday alone and for me that was one of the best gift I ever received before the end of 2012 and it was also because of that gift that I look forward for a great year.  May all our dreams and wishes come true.

For 2013, I wish that I will be seeing honhon again in person.  I am not sure if it is too much to ask for but I still wish anyway...

And before you leave this page, please meet my clan.... 

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