Saturday, January 12, 2013

Working Saturday

I feel lazy last Saturday but I need to be out due to some commitment with our customer.  It was raining the whole day and all I want was to stay on bed and catch my most needed extra sleeps.  But I can't so I forced myself to prepare and waited for the company driver to pick me up at home.  I was so glad though that one of our engineers agreed to joined us that afternoon making the trip more fun. 

We arrived late at the hotel where we agreed to meet our customer before heading to our final destination.  I was just so glad that our customer understands the traffic situation that time which I communicated with him earlier and so we don't encountered problem in that area.  I and Mylyn tour our customer around and make sure that things are alright including his safety.

We finished the tour at around 7 pm and dropped off our customer at the hotel before heading home.  And since traffic was still heavy that time I arrived home at around 9:00 pm then asked our company driver to take Mylyn home. 

The trip went fine and I was really thankful that my colleague joined us.

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