Thursday, February 14, 2013


I really feel so exhausted today physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I think everything blown-up today that I can't hold back my patience including my tears.  I been physically tired because I have to extend just so much time at work and emotionally drain because of a lot of issues that are all pointing on me for some reason that I don't know why those things has to happen.

Today, all I want is to have a happy heart's day.  A day that I can feel that someone care for me and that I can talk for what I have been feelings for the past few days.  Oh well, honhon makes my day when he called me but then I think I was so selfish to just think about me and about what I been going through that is why I missed up even that supposedly a happy conversation.  Or probably, I am just too emotional knowing that it's been a looooonnnggg time already since the last time I am with him that sometimes I even thought it will never happen again.

I been thinking what I been doing lately to deserve this tears.  I want to be happy but why it seems happiness is so far away from me these days.  I just want to have a peace of mind but even that is hard to find.  I feel so drained today, I feel so alone today....

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