Monday, February 11, 2013

Overwhelming Tiredness

It is a heart day once more and for many it is one special day however for me it will be just like any other ordinary day.  I am not even sure if ti will really be a happy heart's day but of course I still wanted to stay positive that things will gonna be alright.  I been working overtime for almost a month now but it seems that work is not subsiding.  I am not complaining but of course I also feel the tiredness not only only in body but in my mind and spirit as well.

I wanted to take some off from work but I am think of where to go and what do.  I don't want to spend another vacation alone.  It's just not so fun.  I do love adventure but it will be nice if there is someone that I can spend it with. 

Whew!  I think I am getting tired of being alone as well.  It is probably not all about work but my situation as well.  I need some energy boaster to keep my spirit alive again.  What do you think should I do?

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