Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Grace & Friends Went to Baguio!

It was just a week before the holiday when I, Rose and Mylyn who are my friends and colleagues decided to spend our Holy Week holiday in Baguio City.  Baguio City is the summer capital of the Philippines because of its cool weather compared to any other cities around the country. 

We were supposed to spend our holiday in one of the beaches nearby however due to that it was a holiday we were not able to book a place to stay.  We almost gave up but I was glad that when I called my friend from Baguio she gladly make a room for the three of us.  I think it was meant for us because I was able to booked a seat for the three of us for the trip going to Baguio despite of the long pile of people that day.

It was Wednesday night when we started our trip away from the chaos of Manila to experience the cool weather of Baguio.  We were right, it was indeed what we were looking for.  We couldn't miss the beautiful flowers and scenery of Baguio.  It is like home away from home.  We make sure that it was captured in our cameras for us to savor the memories when we leave Baguio.  Laughter and fun was in every place we visited.  It was really a stress free day and I think what we all need. 

The trip was short but sweet.  I gained new friends and I was able to add another beautiful memories in this lifetime. 

Glimpse to our meaningful and happy trip to Philippine's Summer capital... Baguio City!

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