Monday, July 29, 2013

Should I Lost Hope???

Today seems to be one of the longest day that I ever felt and I guess that was because of the bad news that I got this morning regarding my application.  I felt terribly bad and I couldn't help but cry.  I been waiting for it for so long and just because of someone trying to hacked my credit account all the hope that I felt was gone.  It was as if something very important was taken from me that moment.  I felt so hopeless. 

But I think God still loves me to the fullest even if I doubted Him because He sent a lot of people to comfort me.  I have friends who make me feel better even if they are miles apart from me.  I was able to talked with my best friend over the phone and somehow she gave me an insight of my situation. I also received comforting messages from a dear friend who sympathize  me.  Those little comforts makes me feel better no matter how empty I felt that moment.

Now the question is, should I give up that easily?  I know that there's a lot of paper works to do because it means I have to redo the application process all over again and there's a long list of documents that I need to complete.  But it happens and I have to decide whether to give up or to try again with faith that things will be alright.  I know that I am fighter and I don't give up easily especially now that I am in the middle of the battle.  I know it is hard but through the help and mercy of God I know I can do it again.

I have to try once more and see if this is really for me.  There's still hope and I know someone out there is guiding me.  I have to hold on to my dreams and follow it no matter how hard it is.  I will not give up nor I will lost hope.  I'll do it again.  I know that it means another cost but I know that I'll find a way to get the necessary things done and the necessary money to cover the additional cost.

I want it, I believe it will happen so I am not giving up.  I'll fight till the end!!!

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