Sunday, August 25, 2013

Date with the Little Guy...

I really had a great Saturday night and it was all because little Sachin visited me at my place together with her mommy Chin.  We had so much fun at the house and we extended the fun at the mall.  There were so many people at the mall and we keep hearing the loud cheering of the people so we checked it out and later we found out that one of the most popular male artists was performing at SM.  Oh well, we did not bother to squeeze ourselves in the middle of the crowd just to see the artist anyway we can hear him singing from Pizza hut where we dine in.  His voice was so clear as if he was using Shure SM87A Condenser Microphone at musician's friend.

Aside from the food and company of little Sachin and my sister Chin we were also able to enjoy the music from one of the live performance of Piolo Pascual, one of the most popular artists in the country. 

After enjoying the dinner we went inside the department store and since Sachin just celebrated his first birthday a week ago in which I was not able to attend the celebration in Manila due to flooding I decided to buy a gift for him.  I wanted to buy him a bike however he is too young for that so we end up buying him two pairs of cute little shoes that will accompany him in his walking activities.

It was really fun and I really enjoyed having them around.

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