Sunday, August 18, 2013

Heavy Rain

I wake up so early because of the heavy rain, or probably I was not really able to have a good sleep because of it.  The rain pour heavily as if there's no tomorrow and it is not really a good idea knowing that there are many areas that gets flood every time there's a heavy rain. 

I'm ready for work however I am not sure if I will arrive to work dry.  The pouring of the rain seems to go through my umbrella and the place where I can ride a vehicle is still a long walk.  But I can't afford to miss work today because of the customer's visit tomorrow. 

I still have 30 mins to linger, I just hope that the rain will stop before I go out my house....

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ruthinian said...

Some days I love the rain because it gives me opportunity to stay in bed. But if I need to go to work... that is some days I hate it.