Sunday, August 25, 2013

Unexpected Visitors

I was sleeping peacefully last weekend when I heard a rush knock in my door.  I was expecting my sister to arrive that day so I thought it was already her.  I was so shocked and happy upon opening my door and saw my visitors.  Oh my, it was Glenda my colleagues and friend from Intel and her lovely daughter Jazzy who happened to be my goddaughter.  I couldn't believe my eyes seeing them at my doorsteps because of the people I never expected them to drop by at my house.

Of course I let them in to my humble house and there's the chikka went on and on.  I was really happy seeing them and be able to have a bonding time with them.  It was long time ago when saw them last time so having them around was a refreshing encounter for me.  We had a lot of catching up to do but nonetheless that day was so full of fun.

I also learned that her husband needs to take an IELTS exam and since I still have the reviewer with me and so I gave it to her to be able to help her husband.  I know how much that exam cost so I hope Oliver will passed it too.

Indeed, there are so many surprises that you never expect to happen.  I am so happy with the surprise I got this weekend....

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