Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Palawan Escapades - El Nido

After a long wait for this trip we finally had a grand time exploring El Nido and Puerto Princesa.  Our first day was not really exciting since we just traveled from morning till evening.  Our flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa was delayed for almost 2 hours because of the bad weather.  But I think we were still lucky because our flight was not cancelled that day and so we were still happy even if there was a delay.

While waiting for our flight we decided to roam around the airport and look for a place to eat and stay.  Our flight finally depart Manila at around 4 pm.  We arrived Puerto Princesa airport at around 5:00 pm and waited for the van that will bring us to El Nido.  Finally, at 7:00 pm we started our land travel going to El Nido and arrived there at around 12 midnight.

We were all so tired when we finally arrived in the transient house that will be our temporary shelter while we are there.  But guess what, we all wake up so early the following morning and we were so excited to start our Island hopping unfortunately all island hopping that day was cancelled due to the bad weather.

Oh no!  That was our reaction that day but understand that it was for our own safety and so we have to follow the order.  Oh well, if island hopping is impossible that time we then asked the locals the alternative things to do rather than sitting in our room.  Thankfully, there was no banned yet for the land tour so we proceed to our plan B.  It was already raining that morning but our adventurous spirit did not even bother to think about the bad weather.  All we wanted that time was to have fun and see the beauty of El Nido.

So as soon as we were ready we departed and headed to the beach.  I know that there was a typhoon coming in and since I can never have my own soldier to protect me I decided to be the soldier of myself.  LOL!  Kidding aside, I know that we have to keep the level of alertness within us that day because we don't know when will the storm will be coming in to Palawan.  Nevertheless, we still managed to enjoy the beach even if we were not allowed to swim considering the waves were actually higher than me.
The wind was blowing so hard already when we were in the beach but it does not stop us from enjoying the beautiful scenery and more so taking a lot of pictures for us to keep the memories intact.  We were also able to enjoy our lunch near the beach while hanging around with the residents near the beach.  We even enjoyed the fresh buko juice that they offered.  We still wanted to linger and just enjoy and relax however the winds was becoming stronger that as if reminding us of the weather condition.  So after lunch we packed our things and travel again to our next destination.

 Our next stop was the waterfalls but in order to get there we have to trek in the forest for about half an hour.  It was not so windy inside the forest but then the rain starts to pour while we were on the trail.  And because of the rain, some of the areas became slippery and walking became harder.  Aside from that, there were about 7 rivers we have to cross before we reach our destination.  But of course we were all so persistent to see and enjoy the waterfalls so instead of being discourage because of the train and the weather condition we just enjoyed it until we finally reached our destination.

We were so glad that we did not stopped until we see the waterfalls.  It may be a little bit smaller than the hidden falls that I've saw in Quezon but surely it add up to our adventure.  The water was so cold but it never stopped us from enjoying every moment that we had there.   We were also lucky because we had our chance to enjoyed the place for ourselves before a flock of people arrived to also enjoy the place.  Most of the group were foreigners who were also on vacation to El Nido that time and since island hopping was cancelled the waterfalls and the beach became the alternative places to hang around.

We were all so tired when we finally end the day and decided to eat our early dinner and go to bed.  It was Friday night and the rain was heavier compared earlier so even if we still wanted to stroll and check out some of the night stuff there we were not able to do that because of the bad weather.  Aside from that, I don't feel of going out anymore since our travel going back to Puerto Princesa was so early.  Well, I was so glad we had an early lights off because I was awaken by the sound of the strong winds and heavy rain caused by typhoon Yolanda which arrived to El Nido that night.  I was so scared that I couldn't go back to sleep until such time that the wind and rain subside.  I am just so thankful that a very special friend of mine keep me company through text messages which helped me take away my fears.

I wake up early the following morning and decided to checked damaged caused by the typhoon.  This was also my way of inquiring if the road going to Puerto Princesa was passable after the storm.  Oh well, luckily I was informed that we can still have our land travel going to the main city.  Aside from that I also learned that there were no major damaged within El Nido and I was relieved upon knowing that. 

Our stay in El Nido was short but it creates a beautiful memories for all of us.

Opps, our Palawan Escapades is not yet over, but I have to go to bed now and end my stories here.  Don't worry, I'll be back to finish my stories later.  Till next time :)

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