Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Palawan Escapades - Puerto Princesa

After the long journey from El Nido we finally arrived Puerto Princesa on Saturday afternoon and since it was still early we decided to have the city tour to check out some of the places that interest us.  It was still raining though but it does not stopped us from hopping from one place to another and our first stop was the Crocodile Farm.  Of course we can't let this opportunity pass without the picture taking with a live crocodile.  After this we headed to Baker's Hill, Mitra's Rach and Palawan Market.  We were supposed to drop by at the Cathedral but since it was already dark and still raining we just decided to call it a day and headed back to the place where we will stay.

We been praying that the sun shine the following day for us to be able to visit the Underground River before we go back to Manila.  I think God answered our prayers because the sun shine the following day and the tour going to Underground River has been push through.  It was not my first time going there since I was able to see the place way back 2005 but then again the excitement that I felt was still there.  This is one of the most beautiful place that I ever seen.  All about nature's work for a million years.

So here we go, we traveled the sea just to get there and along the way we met a couple who instantly became our instant buddies.  They are young couple who knows to enjoy and spice up their relationship through travel.  I was inspired by them and thought that if ever I get married I would still travel but this time I will not travel alone or with friends but travel with my partner.  Opps, too much of the thought.  So going back, our journey from Sabang to Underground River was a smooth sailing.  No big waves and no rain this time.  We were able to enjoy the scenery and the company of each other.

When we finally arrived our destination we couldn't help but admire the place.  It was totally awesome.  There were a lot of people from different places gathered there to witness the beauty of nature and the work or art of our mother nature.  While waiting for our turn, we make ourselves busy by taking pictures.  We wanted to capture every inch of that place to bring back to Manila.  Everyone should have the change to travel and go there to be able to appreciate the place with their own eyes.  

Finally we had our turn to enjoy the place.  We were more than ready even before our guide settled in his chair.  We had a fun moment with our tour guide.  He got a hilarious sense of humor which add fun to the entire tour.  I witnessed the rock formation once more and everything seems to be so new to me even if I been there before.  It was totally awesome and will never forget this place.  Our tour inside the Underground River did not take the long but the memories we had while inside the cave will surely last a lifetime.

Okay, time for the next destination.  This time it was the Ugong-ugong Mountain.  It was not actually included in our tour but our guide was generous enough to drop us by to this place since we finished early in our Underground River Tour.

I couldn't say no to the challenge of the trekking up to the top of the mountain to be able to do some of the exciting activities like caving, spelunking and ziplining.  On the other hand, my two lady companion, Mylyn and Rose decided not to join us so it was only Me, Blas and the other couple took the challenge.  Oh well, I'm in to this challenge and I couldn't wait actually to go inside.  The rain started to pour but luckily that it stopped later on when we were inside the cave.  For some reason, this kind of activities gives me an adrenaline rush that makes me wanted to try even if I know the danger in in it.

The trek was not that easy as we need to climb and watch our head or even bend our body just to get in the small opening of the mountain.  But it did not discourage us to go and enjoy the thrilling activities.  We enjoyed every moment that we were inside the cave and even had a chance to do some crazy and daring pose for picture taking. 

Sometimes, it is all about how you look at the place for you to be able to appreciate it and for me anything about nature really fascinates me.  The mountain we trek was greater than 300 meters high I think and we were so tired during the trek but we don't really mind. 

All of the things I saw in that cave was new to me so just appreciate it and thank God that I was able to witness it.

Some of the rocks were slippery because of rain while a portion of the cave still have water flowing in it.  There were some improvised ladder that has been set but majority of the trail are still natural so you really have to be careful and watch your every steps.

They said that you can finish the trail for about 30 mins or so but for us it took as about an hour to do it since we have to stop once in awhile for picture taking.  I think those were one of the things we also enjoyed during our trip.

We finally reached the top and it was so beautiful since you will get a better view of the place once you were on the top.  I was literally sweating the time I reached the top and had to catch my breath every now and then. 

The final and last activity was the ziplining and although it was my second time to do that I was still excited and little bit nervous about it.  But hey, it does not mean that I'm going to back out.  So here we go!  Gracias making another history in her life by flying so high and let her adventurous spirit take place!

Fly and shout as if there's no tomorrow!  Enjoy life the way it should be and take away all the hurt, problems and sorrow!  I let my spirit flow and enjoyed the ride!

And that's the end of our Palawan Adventure.  Until my next travel!

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