Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Power of Prayer

A lot of us often forget to pray especially when things are fine.  I am guilty to that as well but then God always has His own way to bring me closer to Him.  I met a lot of people and in one way or another reminds me how powerful a prayer can.  It is one simple way of keeping our faith that there is God who always there for us no matter what happened.

Sometimes I wonder why bad things happen in our life but then I think it is God's way of reminding us how tough life can be and that you have to be careful in every decision you make.  Prayers become my weapon to conquer even the most difficult time in my life.  I seek refuge in the silent of prayer to calm my mind and spirit.  There are times that I still don't understand why things happen but then God never failed to give His answer in His own special time.

I pray because I believe that there is God listening to me.  I pray because I know God wanted to hear even the saddest part of my life.  I pray because I find peace deep within me every time I connect to God in the silent of prayer.  Don't under estimate the power of prayer because through prayer you are connecting with God....

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