Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Gangster in Me..

We just finished our Christmas party at work and I can say that I had so much fun.  Christmas theme were called "Underground" and party goers should dress-up like one.  I was having a second thought whether to attend the party or not but since it was hard to commute I decided to attend the party which was celebrated just within the company premises.

Since I did not planned to attend the party I don't have extra clothes to wear and what I was wearing was just my ordinary Friday attire.  Then JR, one of my friend and colleagues at work lend me his hat and his eye wear to match with my clothes.  And there you are, feeling like a gangster in these photos in here.

Oh well, I was glad that I attended the party because I really had fun.  It's my 3rd year at Emerson and honestly this year was my first time to attend the company's Christmas party.  I enjoyed the party as well as the photo shoot.  I feel that I was one of those bad girl. LOL!

Aside from having fun during the photo shoot I also had so much fun at the dance floor.  Oh my, our guest band really made me shake my body and gave me a never ending sweat while dancing.

Our guest hosts were also awesome, they know how to really entertain their audience.  I was laughing for every punch line they were throwing every now and then.

What can I say?  Little gangster need to party!

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