Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The True Essence of Christmas

It's not my first time to celebrate the eve of Christmas alone.  I been doing this since the time I started working and been away from my family and friends.  I'm used to it but I don't know that every time I go to church to attend the Christmas Eve mass I can't help but cry because deep in my heart I wish that I'm celebrating it with someone really special.  But I think even that is so much to ask for.

Christmas is not about me but it is about God's love to us, so instead of focusing about my feelings I just count all the incidents in my life that I felt truly blessed and there I find the answer to my questions.  Yes, I feel the emptiness because I'm alone but I know that even if I'm celebrating alone the love and blessings I receive and been receiving from Jesus are far beyond I can imagine.

The true essence of Christmas is not ourselves but the greatest love we received from God and that is Jesus our savior.  So focus on the very first reason why we are celebrating Christmas.  To my family, my love and friends....  have a

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Feel the love of God!

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