Saturday, December 21, 2013

Unanswered Prayer?

There are things that I been praying so hard for it to happen but God did not give His answer yet but I can't complain because there are many blessings that I received from Him even if I never ask for it.  There is one big favor I been asking from God but I guess this is not the right time yet for me to receive the answer or probably that favor that I been asking for is not really for me.  Do I have to feel mad about it?  Yes, I feel frustrated just like any child that want something so much but hey I can't be mad just because I did not get it.  I think I just have to wait a little bit longer...

Life is not easy to begin with but it is beautiful that I cannot complain.  Each day there are memories to cherish but all you have to do is to recognize the things that makes you happy.  Happiness is not all about the things you have nor the person you are around with, it is the way you look with your life and the way your heart's feel.  So no matter what happen or what will happen I will manage to laugh and be happy for what I have.

And one more thing, my faith in God will remain the same no matter what happened....

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