Friday, January 31, 2014

Starting All Over Again?

It's been over a year already since the time I started working with my application to immigrate in Canada however I don't have any news with my application until now and honestly I feel so frustrated about it.  What shall I do?  The processing is already beyond my control so I just keep telling myself to be patient and unless there's no definite answer that it has been accepted nor denied then I have to continue waiting.

Yes, I have to wait for the result but then it does not mean that I just have to sit here and do nothing so I decided to get back in financial community where I learned how to save and invest.  I have to start saving all over again since I already put my savings into my dreams of going to Canada.  I have to get back in my old habit of putting something for the future but before I do that I have to re-align my missions and visions of doing so.  I need to attend training programs once again to help refresh myself.

Oh yeah, starting all over again focusing more on myself and my family.  I have to secure what I have and the people that been there all throughout my life with or without Canada...

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