Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Let it Go! Let it Go!

Letting go of someone you love and care is probably one of the hardest part to do but it is also one of the noblest things to do especially if you know that it is the right thing to do.  In this life, there will always be risk that we must take.  Opening yourself to someone and loving them without expecting in return are just one of the risks you are creating in your life.  But alas!  This kind of risk are the most satisfying things to do because we are all human.  As a human being we all have this urge to love and to be love, to care and to be taken care of.  However not all of us find that special someone that will stick with you throughout our lifetime.  We need to accept that people comes and go in our life, some will stay and some will go…
Letting go is an art that we all need to learn because it is when we learn how to value and truly express our care and love not only to the person or to the things we let go but more so to ourselves.  The only person we can control is our self and by doing so it is only us can decide what to do.  Let go of the past and of the people that you can’t really have because if we do so we will be able to welcome the new people who wanted to become part of our future. 
Life is simple so let’s not try to complicate things…

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