Sunday, March 2, 2014


Tik tak tik tak.... Yes, the clock is ticking every single second but most of us are taken this for granted.  Time is actually one of the most wasted phenomenon here on earth.  We are so busy that we sometimes miss out many of the important events in our life may it be with our family, with our friends or even with our loveones. 

It was only yesterday when we visited the father of my best friend, he was in a very bad health condition and he couldn't even open his eyes nor speak with us when we visited him.  The only thing that keep him alive was his breath.  My best friend is now living in US and she couldn't come home because no one will take care of her two sons since her husband is currently on business trip which will take awhile before he is able to come home.  So she asked me if I can visit her dad on behalf of her since I am her closest friend living nearby.

When we talked last Thursday night I told her that I going to visit papa Art this Sunday because I still have appointments every Saturday.  It was set that way but then I decided to ask her sister in law if we can visit Papa Art on Saturday instead of Sunday and I will just tag along with her since I am not familiar with the place.  It was a very good decision for both of us because we were still able to see him alive and we were able to talked with my best friend using face time.  Good thing also that I have unlimited data connection that was why she was able to talked with her dad and tell him everything that she wanted to say.

It was a long day for us but we were lucky enough to see Papa Art while he was still breathing.  If we miss to visit him last Saturday we will never see him alive.

To Papa Art, may you rest in peace.  Our prayers will always be there.... 

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