Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Conquering Mt. Pico De Loro

Alright!  Before I tell the story how we conquered Mt. Pico De Loro last April 13, 2014 here are some facts that you should know about this spectacular mountain.  It's elevation is about 664 MASL (Meter Above Sea Level) which offers a magnificent 360 degrees view from the Summit.  It is located within Cavite and Batangs rolling mountains.  It is considered the highest mountain in the Cavite Province which offers and spectacular view from the summit.

With that information in mind I dreamed of climbing the top of this mountain and see how it looks in my own eyes.  I was just so glad that I was able to join the group who also have this burning zeal to conquer this mountain.  And so Last April 13 at around 6:30 am when we arrived at the DENR where we need to registered before we begin our journey.  We started our trek going up the mountain at exactly 8:00 in the morning.  The trail was easy at first but it gets difficult as we ascend to the mountain.  But then no matter how difficult the trek going up the mountain it never discouraged us to go.

There were times that our group needs to stop and take a five or ten minutes brake to give us time to recharge and gain back our energy which greatly helped us to finished our journey to the top.  The chats and laughters while we were on the trail also helped us make the trek in going up and down the hills more fun and enjoyable to everyone.

It took us about 4 hrs. before we reached the camp site in which we decided to take our lunch and waited for the sun to settle down before we started climbing the peak of the mountain or the summit.  At the camp site, there were already a lot of people chilling out and also waiting for the sun to come down.  There were also groups who decided to camp and spend the night at the camp site but for our group we only did for a day.

While having lunch we had time to relax and chat a little more.  We all had a great time while chatting that we almost forgot that we still have to climb uphill to reach the summit.  Oh well, it was too hot and being shaded by the trees all we want that time was to fall asleep but then I and Gie decided to roam around the camp site and check for a good spot for some photo shoot.

The two mountains at the background was the summit we still need to climb.  It was too hot but since we were already there and we really wanted to check out what was out there we decided to start climbing again after we had a fair share of rest.  Carrying our backpacks we then started the difficult trek uphill.  The way to the summit was no joke in which all of us were so quite and just concentrated in every steps we make.

To be able to reach the top we literally climb using not only our feet but our both hands as well.  The soils were too shallow making it harder for us to climb the peak. I was just so glad that I did a lot of exercises prior to this climb which helped me strengthen my endurance.  I was also glad that I was able to reach the top and although I have to catch my breath I still enjoyed the magnificent scenery at the top.  I was able to witnessed once more the beautiful creation of God and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Climbing the first summit was already hard but the most challenging part was climbing the monolith.  We have to descend from the first summit and climb again to reach the top of the monolith.  I was a bit hesitant to do it because I was really tired but after awhile when the group finally decided to take the risk I was the first one to descend. I don't want to miss the opportunity of being at the top of the monolith with them.  I know that the trek was tricky that any wrong move will lead you to danger.

The way to the monolith was too narrow that we have to wait a little longer for the other groups to descend before making our way up.  In this adventure you really have to watch every steps because the cliff was so stiff and so high.  Thinking about the risk now really makes my bones chill but also makes me so proud of myself because not everyone who climb Mt. Pico De Loro reached the top of the monolith so I can say that I am one brave little gal who dare to climb the top.  On the way, we have to do the rappel to be able to climb because there was nothing to hold except for the rope.

Oh well, all the danger and all the hardship we encountered in climbing the monolith were all worth it.  I had the chance to see Cavite and Batangas in different views.  It was scary at first but once you conquered your fears everything will be easy.

Despite of fears and nervousness not only for myself but for the entire group I know that we also enjoyed our journey up there and had a chance to humble ourselves to be able to reach the top.  With the guidance and protection of the Almighty God we were able to safely reached the top and enjoy His creation up there.  We also managed to descend safely not only from the Monolith but also from the entire place of Mt. Pico De Loro.

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