Monday, April 7, 2014

Mt. Manalmon 5in1 Adventure

Things have been very difficult these last few weeks but I know that I cannot undo the past and rather than sulking and crying over it I decided to move on and go back to the things I enjoyed doing.  I booked my weekends with activities that will set my mind and spirit free and last Sunday was an overwhelming adventure for me.

I joined this group just recently because I really like the weekend getaways that this group had been organizing.  I am just so glad that a friend of mine personally endorsed this group to me and so I tried joining their activities and last Sunday was the first one, the Mt. Manalmon 5in1 Adventure.  The 5in1 adventure was consist of hiking/trekking, spelunking, swimming, cliff diving and monkey bridge crossing.

I've done all the activities including the cliff diving however I was not able to do the monkey bridge crossing because I was already so tired after the trekking inside the cave as well as the spelunking.  But how I wish I also did the monkey bridge crossing or probably I will try it next time.  These adventures made my Sunday memorable and in the processed I also was able to gain new friends through this.

I am looking forward for our next weekend activity but for the meantime you may enjoy the pictures that I took in our Mt. Manalmon 5in1 Adventure...

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