Monday, May 5, 2014

Puerto Galera - 2014 Summer Special

Summer will never be a summer without the beach so after climbing the mountains and trekking inside the caves we also a made sure that we visited the beach of Puerto Galera and so we did it on the last weekend of April between 25-26.

I been here last 2009 but the beauty of the place still amazed me.  There were huge changes on the number of establishment near the beach between 2009 and 2014 but I am glad that the rapid changed do not exploit the beauty of the beach instead it helped in the tourism of this beautiful island.

There were a lot of water sports you can enjoy like banana boat riding, parasailing, diving, snorkling, island hopping, kayaking, etc.  I think the number of water sports are comparable to the famous beach of Boracay.

As soon as we checked-in we started our adventure and since it was still to hot to lurked in the beach we decided to trekked going to the falls.  It was not as big as the falls I saw in Sagada however the trekking part and the people I'm with add up to the fun.  The water also managed to cool us down as it gave a very refreshing start to enjoy the day.

After we enjoyed the falls we headed back to Tribal Hills Resort which served as our temporary home while we enjoyed our stay there.  The hotel was quite far from the beach but they compensated it with an awesome facilities.  The views from the hotel were awesome too which helped us to relax and enjoy some quite times away from the crowd.

Later in the afternoon we decided to enjoyed the beach and I was more than glad to learn that one of my closest friends Rujhon were just within the area and so we decided to meet up and enjoyed the beach together with our friends.  As usual, we can't help to have some funny picture together just like what we usually do.  We had so much fun in the water and we also enjoyed the famous Halo-halo while talking and having fun.

We enjoyed the sea, the sun and the sand at the beach but I think we couldn't get enough water and so we make sure that we also had a great time at the pool.  Ahhh... this is what I really miss about summer.  I am just so glad that in the Philippines summer is all year round so we are able to enjoy what the natures can offer.

But of course in every vacation there is always an ending and everyone should go back to where we came from.  I had a lot of fun in this place together with Geraldine, Jeanne and Lory and will surely be back sooner than you think :)

Summer is more Fun in the Philippines! 

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