Monday, May 12, 2014

White Water Rafting at Magdalina + Swimming at Lake Pandin Nagcarlan Laguna = Perfect Weekend!

I been sooo busy with a lot of things that I almost forget to post the article about our last adventure that we had at Nagcarlan Laguna last May 4, 2014.  Well, it’s not too late yet to tell the highlights of the day.  I together with other backpackers of MTAG started our day at around 1:00 am headed at the designated pick-up points.  We started our journey from Manila going to Nagcarlan Laguna at exactly 2:00 am and we arrived at the vicinity around 6:00 in the morning.  Our day was full and so we had to make sure that we have a full stomach before going to our first adventure which was the White Water rafting at Magdalina.  The white water rafting opened at around 8:00 in the morning and so we had ample time to enjoyed your sumptuous Filipino breakfast courtesy of our guest host. 
The number of people joined that day was quite big compared to the other MTAG activities that I joined.  There were about 30 people who joined and so it takes awhile getting to know them.  It was a combination of new and old MTAG members but nonetheless everyone was so accommodating and shares the fun with one another.  After our breakfast we headed to the town of Magdalina to enjoy our white rafting and water tubing experience.  The river seems so calm that day but I felt the current the moment I touched down the water.  It was my mistake to wear my flip flop instead of my usual all around sandals for the footwear because I always get into trouble of chasing for my footwear while balancing myself in the middle of the river.  I was just so glad that there were guides that were always ready to help us.
Since we there were about 30 people we divided the group into two.  The first group will did the white water rafting first while the second group where I belong enjoy the water tubing.  As usual all the members were more than ready to experience the day’s adventure and so without further ado we headed to the rushing water and get our chance for to do the water tubing.  I was a bit scared but my adrenalin rush push me to do it and I was glad that I did because it was really fun.  I know that accident might happened along the way but I also know that there were people expert on that area that are more than willing to guide us.  It took a lot of courage to do the tubing and enjoyed the rushing water but it was all worth it.
Our group were still enjoying the water tubing when the first group arrived and after few more minutes we were called to jump in the jeepney and proceed to the starting point of the White Water rafting.  I was so excited when I saw the boat.  Well I guess everyone was excited that we don’t need a second call to jump in to the jeepney.  Our white water rafting starts with the calm river and as we go along the current became intense.  In one of the portion where the water was calmer our group got a chance to enjoyed the river for awhile and had our mini cliff diving stint before proceeding to our white water rafting journey.  It was my first experience in the white water rafting and I was more than glad that it was not as hard as I thought it was.  I really enjoyed the ride and sudden rush of the current add up to our adventurous spirit.
After the white water rafting, it was time for lunch and we decided to eat at lake Pandin while we all can enjoy the view while we eat.  We rented two bamboo raft to accommodate the whole group and sailed at the other side of the lake where we all enjoyed the afternoon swimming as well as picture taking.  The water was a combination of warm and cold, the surface of the water was warm but as it gets colder the water are becoming colder.  The lake was calm which was just perfect for our afternoon chill out.   

Oh how I love our weekend getaway.  Every meet up was always a sure fun.  I enjoyed my weekend exploring our country and meeting new people through this activities.  Indeed, it is more fun to explore in the Philippines!

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how much is the water tubing and rafting rate?