Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Three Beautiful Island in a Day - Pagbilao Quezon

Rainy season started as early as June but we were so lucky to be blessed by good weather last June 15, 2014 which allowed us to enjoy the beauty of Dampalitan Island, Puting Buhangin Island and of course the famous Borawan Island located in Pagbilao Quezon.

It was another beautiful weekend for 15 lovely people.  We started our day at around 2:00 am and travel all the way from Manila to Pagbilao Quezon to experience a day full of fun adventure. 

It was quite a long journey but for backpackers like us 5 hrs. in the road was nothing compared to what we were about to see.  It was just like any other road trip that everyone enjoyed.  As usual we had our share stories and laughter while we were in the van.  It was not a boring trip and so the 5 hrs. or road trip became so short that before we knew it we were already at the port of Pagbilao Quezon waiting for the boats that will bring us to the three beautiful islands.

 At around 7:30 am we departed the port and headed to Dampalitan Island where enjoyed the early morning dip in the sea.  It was fun except for the jellyfish attacked in one of our MTAG friends.  I think this was one of the things you really have to be aware of while you are enjoying the sea.  And because of the unfortunate event we became more careful and observant while we were in the water.

We also enjoyed the peaceful scenery of the place and we were able to even play the Frisbee while some of our companions were hanging around the place and were enjoying the hammock scattered in the island.

After few hours of enjoying the Dampalitan Island it was time to go and headed to Puting Buhangin Island.  I enjoyed the boat ride going there because of the beautiful scenery all over the place.  There were portion that you can see the bottom of the ocean because the water were really clear.  There were also some portion that water was deep and all you can see was the deep blue water.  There were mountains scattered at one side while the other side was a beautiful sky kissing the water.

 Our eyes were already full with beautiful scenery however there were a lot more to see when we arrived Puting Buhangin Island.  I immediately feel in love to the beauty of the island that I couldn't wait to jump off the boat and start swimming. LOL!  There were bunch of people when we arrived but thankfully that it was not too crowded to enjoy the beach.

As soon as we settled down some of our companions prepared our lunch while others started to enjoy the beach.  There what they called "Kwebang Lagpas" which you can enjoy swimming away from the sun because you were basically inside the cave while enjoying the water.

Aside from swimming and chatting we also enjoyed snorkeling.  The water was so clear that you will enjoy watching the fishes. But again you need to be careful with the jellyfish as they were also hanging somewhere.

Then it was time to feed our hungry stomach and so everyone gathered at to cottage to enjoy our boodle fight, a unique way to enjoy eating together.  It surely add to the overall fun we experienced that day. 

After lunch was our siesta time where many of us just enjoy lying in the sand but for me water attracts more and so without further ado we then lurked in the water again and enjoy every minute in Puting Buhangin Island.

After an hour the group decided to transfer to the next island.  They called it "Borawan" Island which most of the locals said that it was a combination of Boracay and Palawan.  Wow!  Who can't say no to that invitation and so no matter how we enjoyed our stay in the other Island we have to go and move to another beautiful Island.

As soon as we stepped down the boat we were mesmerized with the beauty of the island.  The rock formation were awesome and can be compared to one of the islands in Palawan.  There were also store in that island where you can enjoy beer or tanduay ice while relaxing near the beach which of course we tried.

There were so much things to see in the island but we haven't explore that far but instead we just enjoy the other portion where there were things that you can enjoy that as if you were in Boracay.

I guess this was also the reason why the locals compared this Island to the two famous tourist destination in the Philippines which are Boracay and Palawan.  But nonetheless, you will surely enjoy the amazing beauty around it.  My eyes were so full that day and had feast to have this beautiful creation of God.  Indeed this invites me to travel and discover more.

There are so much to see around the Philippines and as much as possible I want to witness everything. LOL  So I think until my next adventure?

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