Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 IMG Gala Night

After series of stint in the mountains and the sea I think it's about time to become fabulous even just for a night.  Wow!  I can't imagine myself wearing a gown but because it was a requirement in the Gala Night I have to make myself beautiful. LOL!

It was an exciting event for me not only because it was my first time wearing a gown because it was also the time when I first attended the IMG convention which gave another reasons to move and be resilient in doing our mission, our mission to spread financial literacy to every people we meet everyday.

There was about 2000+ attendees of the convention and there was an exciting aura when I entered the venue at SMX Convention Center.  It was huge venue and the tables were arranged in an elegant manner adorned with Burlap Faux Fitted Tablecloths to match with the event.

I couldn't recognized some of my friends who were also at the event because of their transformation.  Ladies were wearing gowns while gentlemen were wearing their tuxedo.  I'm used being out in the sea or being on top of the mountains and this Gala night was something different for me.

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